Hunny Bunny Doll

Hunny Bunny is the first in the “My Cute Critter Collection”. This easy crochet pattern is written for both the Pink Bunny and the Grey Bunny. 


Baby Alien 7″ Doll

A fun and loveable doll you can make in a few hours. This pattern is perfect for beginners and comes with full photo and video tutorials.

Melodi the Mermaid 17″ Doll

A fun and loveable doll you can make in a few hours. This pattern is perfect for beginners and comes with full photo and video tutorials.

Create your own loveable character doll 20″

Make an alien, mouse bunny or cat with this easy to follow pattern that comes with photo and video tutorials.

Baby Bear Hat

I strive to make sure my patterns are simple and easy to follow and this pattern is no exception. A beginner level knitting pattern that is written for sizes Newborn to 12 months. You will enjoy making this adorable Baby Bear Hat. 

Mommy & Me Slouchy

There is just something appealing to me about matching outfits or accessories with a friend or loved one. I often ask my husband to get matching track suits, but I always get shot down with that idea! (don’t worry, someday I will wear him down and we will have the most fabulous matching track suits). But until then matching hats will have to do. 

Little Bunny Hat 

I was so excited when I made the pattern for this Baby Bunny hat because I figured out a cool new way to make the bunny ears. This pattern comes with a full video tutorial and lots of photos for reference to make your knitting experience relaxing and enjoyable with definite success. 

Chic Youngster Beanie

Sometimes I think the youngsters are better dressed than I am but the price of high fashion can sometimes be draining, which is why I try to incorporate trendy looks into my pieces whenever I can. This Chic Beanie for the youngsters won’t drain the bank and is still fun and fashionable. 

The Child 20 inch Doll

(No Longer Available)

I am at a point in my crochet journey where I really want to enhance my skills and share with others the techniques and skills I have acquired. This doll has a lot of fun new techniques from attaching the arms so they are moveable to needle sculpting the face. There is definitely something to learn for everyone from this pattern. 

The Child 7 inch Doll

(No Longer Available)

This little doll is packed full of cuteness and resources. This pattern comes with a full video tutorial where I show you step by step from beginning to end how to make the doll. Along the way I provide you with helpful tips to make your crochet experience informative and fun. If you are just a beginner and haven’t made a doll before give this pattern a try. I know you can do it! 

The Athena Cowl 

Athena is the Greek goddess of war and wisdom and domestic crafts. Plato believed that her name meant “mind of god” while others suggest it comes from an ancient word meaning “sharp”. Both these words point to Athena’s great intellectual ability to see the true nature of a situation and to develop successful strategies.

When I think of someone wearing the ATHENA cowl I picture them as a strong, confident and fierce woman just like Athena.

Double Brimmed Classic Slouchy

The double brim on this slouchy takes a little longer to knit than a single brim hat, but it is totally worth it. Double the brim, double the warmth. 

New Brim Beanie

Often you will see knit hats with a ribbed brim (which is total okay and I love all the knit hats of the world) but one day I dreamt of a hat with a new style of brim that accents the shape of your face while the body of the hat has a linear design. So, I present to you, the New Brim Beanie (the hat with a different style brim).

Scented Pumpkin Patch

One of my other passions is essential oils. I do love me some smelly oils! In this pattern my two loves come together. Crochet and scents. I show you how to scent the split peas with a little recipe I whipped up, and how to crochet 3 different size pumpkins that look like they were knit. Bring these little pumpkins out each fall, pop them in the microwave for a few seconds and voila they are rescented for another season. 

Teardrop Hanging Basket

I honestly cannot say enough good things about this amazing hanging basket. I designed the pattern with these thoughts in mind: is it useful, will it hold enough, if it gets wet will it dry quickly, doesn’t it look pretty enough to hang somewhere that people will see it. I am happy to say that it checks all of those boxes. I have made many for my own household and use them for everything from storing my kids stuffed animals, dirty laundry, storing hats and mittens on the hooks under everyones coat, storing onions and potatoes. I even have one for my dog that I store her sweaters and leashes in. It’s true, I love my hanging baskets and I know you will too. 

The Scrubbing Dishcloth

This dishcloth has a modern twist on the traditional crochet dishcloth using scrubby yarn. Great for using in the kitchen or in the shower as a body scrubber. This double sided dishcloth dries quickly and is machine washable. You can throw it in the dishwasher or washing machine to give it a quick clean when you want to.